مركز الصيانة

Wouldn't it be great if all IT projects were simple to implement and have only with the smallest disruptions to your business workflow?

We know it is hard work to achieve this ideal and many logistical support services must work very hard in the background to achieve this.  With alfarah, this is exactly how we intend to support you with our alfarah services:

Alfarah Service Center established in 2010. Alfarah  today  handle 100 %  the service  and  present  the  servicing  for all HP products, and  APC.   

IN 2011, we established new service in IRBIL to present same service.


The service center present:

1- All HP products service (For all world selling)   

  • The units in warranty. On money chargeable.
  • The units fixed 5-10 days.

2- Sell HP care back (sell warranty for any HP units)

3- APC under warranty units (Sales and Servicing)

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